On the PaceSetting blog:

You’re here because you need new answers to some old questions:

  • How to grow market share, revenue or profit?
  • How to evaluate or recharge the management or sales team?
  • How to energize a stagnant corporate environment?
  • How to improve internal processes?

When it comes to consulting firms, you have many choices: Multi-national conglomerates, large corporations, big city enterprises and small operations.

So, with all these choices, why choose PaceSetter? Because we travel at the speed of insight. Insight gained from years of experience in countless situations. Insight gained from natural instincts. Insight to help you take your leadership, marketing and sales to the next level.

How does that insight help you? Simple. It saves you time and money. We’re able to get right to the heart of the matter. Regardless of how chaotic and complicated a situation is, we can help you see through the distractions, sort through the layers, get rid of the extraneous, and find the source of the problem. Then we can help you develop solutions and guide you through implementation.

With experience ranging from multi-national environments to small operations, we’re comfortable working in any corporate culture at a pace that suits you. We don’t want to work for you. We want to work with you. After all, you know your company better than anyone. When we combine our experience, knowledge and skills, we’re sure to find the best solutions for your needs.