The Pace in PaceSetter.

Traveling at the speed of insight isn’t just a catchphrase. Insight is precisely what sets me apart from the rest.

Sure, I’ve got all the necessary credentials – an MBA and thirty years of varied corporate experience. You can read about that formal training below. But that’s only part of what makes me – the Pace in PaceSetter – uniquely qualified to help your business.

My insight, combined with my marketing, leadership and sales experience, gives me the ability to rapidly assess problems, and to guide development of workable, practical solutions. My classical marketing and leadership education was hard-earned with a Fortune 100 company and fine-tuned in multi-industry smaller cap firms. During my career, I have built five management and eight sales organizations in the United States and Europe.

I’ve guided companies through all stages of operation – growth, turnaround, start-up and change. I’ve marketed products through nearly all channels of distribution – direct, retail, dealers, OEM, distributors, and national accounts. I bring knowledge, experience and focus to every project. Part of my success lies in my ability to energize, inspire and educate, ensuring that a committed leadership remains focused on long-term goals.

If you’ve got a problem, chances are I’ve seen it before. That makes finding solutions a lot easier for both of us. Let me put my insight to work for you.

Barry Pace has held a variety of executive positions (President, COO, VP, CMO) at Redball LLC, CRM, Firestone Ag Tire Division, Bridgestone Firestone, Ag Chem Equipment Co., Inc., Ag Chem Europe, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., Inc., and Profile Foods, Inc., among others. He holds an MBA in marketing and a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. He has served on corporate and trade association boards, has been a member of numerous trade associations and is a member of MENG, an exclusive national marketing group.

Barry Pace

Barry Pace has served (among many others) these household names and their distribution channels:

John Deere Cargill  Cenex 

CNH Aldi  Ford Motor Company  General Motors  

Syngenta Global  Midas  Napa

Target  Hydro   ADM