Traveling at the Speed of Insight.
PaceSetter has been in your position. In the real world, in different industries, in multiple environments. PaceSetter stays focused on delivering bottom line improvement through excellence in people, customer service, planning and execution. See how the PaceSetter advantage can work for you:

The PaceSetter Advantage
Your Benefits

 Real world knowledge Based on experience

  • Not theory driven
  • Experience-based recommendations
  • Clear-cut goals

Multi-industry experience Quick ramp-up

  • Quick understanding of organizational needs
  • Faster results
  • Time is money

Coaching Work with you and your staff

  • Energized, dedicated management team
  • Key personnel committed to change process
  • Minimal internal division

Process Experienced efficiency

  • Strong direction to inspire creative thinking
  • Smoother implementation
  • Realistic decisions and solutions

Obsessive focus On plan, implementation and execution

  • Step-by-step progress reports
  • Regular communication and feedback
  • Support throughout the project

Results Not limited to single industry

  • Increased operating efficiencies
  • More cohesive management or sales team
  • Improved bottom line

Careful expense management Cost/value relationship

  • No corporate overhead
  • Cost-effective
  • ROI