A Few Previous Successes.

As a professional and a consultant, Pace has proven he can consistently deliver. Here are a few examples.

New Roads
  • New distribution channel and brand strategy for multinational corporation:  A multinational tire and rubber company considered divesting its smaller dealers.  Pace, in the CMO role, led a thorough investigation of the planned move, including in-depth market research and on-site negotiation. This resulted in formation of a new channel of distribution - a consortium of dealers called the Affiliated Dealer Network.  In the network, smaller dealers agreed to purchase 75 percent of their product from the company in return for special pricing, advertising, accounting, training and other management services.  This channel’s sales exceed $500MM today. 

    In the same role, Pace was instrumental in developing and implementing the current brand strategy, separating branding, products, and even sales teams.

Reign in Spain
  • Turnaround, new distribution channel and marketing strategy for F100 European subsidiary:  An F100 tire manufacturer’s Spanish subsidiary was underperforming.  Pace was part of a small U.S. management team sent to the subsidiary to turn sales and grow the company.  Despite cultural and language differences, the team was highly successful.  In the process, Pace sought to expand distribution channels in order to grow diminishing market share.  In the CMO slot, Pace developed a “one-man retail store” concept for crowded urban apartment dwelling customers.  The subsidiary opened 50 locations in several cities generating substantial revenue gains. 

    Pace also built and guided implementation of the marketing plan that helped grow the company’s country market share from 19 percent to over 30 percent in under three years.

Whiskey and Guitars
  • Marketing strategy for country band:  A Rhode Island country and western band had achieved local success and wished to expand its following and geography.  PaceSetter researched the industry and developed a marketing and business plan that the group implemented to expand its markets to the entire Atlantic Seaboard.  Today, the band has expanded on that business plan and is touring nationally.

  • Marketing strategy and new distribution channel for small cap company:  A small cap Ohio fastener manufacturer wished to grow and expand its distribution channels beyond a limited group of automotive and truck OEMs.  PaceSetter was retained to develop a marketing strategy for entering the agricultural and other industrial manufacturing industries.  PaceSetter’s expertise and research was instrumental in development of a new marketing and business strategy. Implementation resulted in increased channels of distribution, additional product demand and a joint venture with a Mexican fastener manufacturer (necessary to meet the demand).  PaceSetter also recruited a seasoned sales executive to guide the plan’s implementation. 

Garden Growth
  • Market, product, and distribution strategy for small cap hi-tech company:  A startup California high-tech agricultural company sought Pace’s expertise to guide introduction of optical sensing technology products in the application of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.  Pace developed and implemented the sales and marketing plan, guided development and introduction of a more economically feasible product, and was instrumental in the company’s USA distribution model.  During the early stage, Pace also helped secure investors.  Later, Pace guided development of a distribution contract for the company and product.  Sales have grown exponentially with the new distribution plan and the company is properly positioned for a lucrative takeover or buyout. 

Fresh Fields
  • Distribution strategy for mid cap company: An Illinois fastener manufacturing division of an F200 enlisted PaceSetter’s assistance to enter the agricultural equipment OEM industry.  Pace developed the marketing/distribution plan that allowed this company to benefit from sales and profits generated in the new business sector.

Fast Friends
  • Guerilla marketing, brand building and distribution strategies for F100 corporation:  An Ohio-based F100 tire manufacturer wished to expand its position in the profitable performance tire niche.  Pace guided the initiative to utilize racing as a testimonial for product marketing.  The company conceptualized and implemented a successful race series that required racers to use the manufacturer’s tires and thereby allow the company to advertise a “company win” in industry publications.  The result:  improved brand image and market share.
    Coincidentally, Pace developed and implemented a strategy of expansion into the lucrative performance tire market by introducing a chain of performance-tire-specific retail outlets, with controlled and dealer distribution, that catered to owners of performance and high-end foreign cars. The net result of these two activities was doubled market share.

  • Turnaround for small cap companies:  Pace’s services were enlisted by three struggling  small operations, including an Iowa-based frozen food processor and two Iowa-based steel manufacturers. Pace, in interim president role, was asked to turn the companies around, sell or liquidate them.  In the turnaround process, Pace was able to grow two of them by developing strategies that secured each of them seven figure business relationships with multinationals Cargill and NAPA, respectively. 

    As part of the “sell” strategy, Pace built the prospectus and/or enlisted the assistance of brokers to handle the ensuing contact, discussion and sale.  Pace has been active in acquisition and divestiture.

Old World, New Plan
  • Turnaround and rampant growth for mid cap company:  A mid cap Minnesota-based equipment company had several under-performing European distributors in strong markets.  Recognizing the opportunity, Pace negotiated termination of distribution contracts, established a wholly-owned subsidiary, selected a management team, guided the selection process for a multi-national sales team and developed and implemented a growth plan that turned flat results into strong performance.  Today, the distributor organization that was generating $2MM annually has grown to $60MM and is a key unit of an F200 subsidiary.  Through Pace’s mentoring, management team members have grown, thrived and are the skilled leaders still at the helm.
Fresh Eyes
  • Rapid growth and turnaround of small cap manufacturers:  Pace was recruited by a family to manage two small cap Minnesota-based manufacturing operations.  These businesses were struggling and in need of change.  One was enjoying unprecedented growth while the other was mired in perpetual loss. Pace guided revamping of management teams and startup of a new manufacturing facility. He negotiated a distribution contract that generated $2MM in new business, divested losing operations and helped guide both companies to the next level.

Burning Rubber
  • Startup and rampant growth of large cap corporation:  Pace conceptualized and guided the startup of an Iowa-based, product-specific business unit of a multinational tire manufacturer.  The division was relocated, staffed and put in a standalone position.  Pace guided all non-manufacturing operations, developed sales teams, marketing teams and strategy.  The business grew from product sales of $150MM to nearly $500MM today.

The Hidden Agenda?
  • Obsessive focus on customer service:  In every assignment, Pace has been passionate about developing teams, bottom lines and customer service.  With Pace’s direction, each organization ate, drank and slept customer service. Their goal was to achieve the best customer service in their industry.  That goal was accomplished in most of the positions Pace held.