Here's what others are saying.

"I have worked with Pace as peers and  in a manufacturer/distributor relationship.  Barry's energy level and ability to "cut to the chase" leads to timely and efficient project completion and implementation.  His cross industry knowledge of markets, products, sales, and distribution channels is impressive.  One of his most outstanding abilities is to quickly and professionally gather information and data from government and industry professionals.  His analysis of product channel market data and evaluation of competitor's strengths and weaknesses has always been right on target."   

…..owner, CA high technology company


"I've known Pace for over 10 years and worked with him on a number of initiatives. He is a quick study, understands how to assess business issues and has an excellent organizational mind. I've watched Barry work under extreme pressure to solve critical issues and consistently turn-a-round poor operating units. In my experience, Barry's advice is always on target and will undoubtedly improve performance."

…..VP at IL F100 and former president of MN technology company


"I've worked with Pace for 10 years.  He's good. Real good.  He thinks way outside the lines and is an outstanding marketer and leader.  Your company will benefit from your association with him. "

…..president, MN/GA F100 divisions and smaller companies


"I've had the pleasure to work with Barry frequently during his time in the agricultural equipment industry.  His unique background includes a valuable combination of industry, operations, and marketing knowledge.  This, combined with his no-nonsense approach to business, results in successful and profitable results for the organizations he works with.  He helps companies focus on the key factors that matter, and comes up with ways to make good things happen."

 …..account supervisor, MN advertising agency   


"I learned more marketing from Pace in six months than I had during my entire sales and marketing career and I know others who have said the same. He has a unique ability to recognize personality traits and how to manage and communicate most effectively.   I'd recommend you use Pace to help resolve any marketing, sales or leadership issue.  His motivation is not monetary gain but simply the satisfaction he gains from helping people realize and achieve goals and objectives. He is a quick study, his thought process is razor sharp and his energy level is amazing…makes me dizzy!  I'd invite him back in a heartbeat." 

… and customer service manager, MN equipment company


"Pace mentored my personal growth and helped me reach the level I've attained.  More importantly, he guided a turnaround in our operation.  We went from a large loss to major profit in a short time thanks to Pace's coaching, marketing and leadership guidance.  He very quickly assessed our business needs, helped us learn from mistakes and grow the business.  He is a fast study and guided our focus to what really matters."

…..managing director, US F200 European equipment subsidiary


"I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Pace for 20 years. We have worked together on a number of marketing, sales development, and general management projects. His energy level is huge and his business experience is very broad and somewhat unique. He is able to view business problems from different view points,  rapidly pinpoint the issue and recommend/execute solutions. His approach lends itself toward mentoring for associates which adds staying power to the ideas and improvements he is able to generate."

…..controller, IA F100 division and former owner of manufacturing business